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RMI Harmonic Synthesizer
RMI Harmonic Synthesizer
Product : Harmonic Synthesizer
Manufacturer : RMI
Release date : 1974-1976
Country : USA
Some features :
48 keys monophonic stereo synthesizer.
Two digital harmonic generators (16 harmonics).
Five presets (Clarinet,Flute,Pulse,Horn,Reed).
LFO (Saw/Sin/Rect).
AM and FM capability.
"Sequencer" (arpegiator with random mode available).
Filter input.
Pedal controller.
Independant audio chanels of each two generators.

Comments :
The RMI Harmonic synthesizer offers very unique and characteristic sounds thanks to a special sound generation : additive synthesis.
Harmonic Synthesizer looks like a combo-organ, two sets of 16 harmonics sliders show that this synth is particular.
one of the two harmonic generator

Each harmonic generators is monophonic, however they are routed on an independant audio ouput. This allows to make strange stereo effect.

The left part of the keyboard have several parts.

1. Two Waveforms generators :

Waveform Generator n°1
Waveform Generator n°2

We have here several preset waveforms available such as "Clarinet", "Pulse", "Sync", "Flute", "Horn", "Reed". They can be selected or mixed with the harmonic generator.

As said before each generator has independant audio chanel. First generator can play a "sequence" while a solo line is played with the second generator (listen to the sound demo "Boogie Bass" where two sequences are played at once).

2. Sequencer :

Harmonic doesn't have a real sequencer, it is an arpegiator. When you press a chord, a sequence is created.
Placing the Harmonic Synthesizer in the Random Mode causes the notes to be played in random order.
Exotic rhythms can be created with noise effect.

3. Modulation :

Each generator has his own modulation and portamento.

Finally, a unique LFO is available.

4. Dynamic filter :

Dynamic effects are created by voltage-controlled filters with low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass mixable outputs. [The envelope generator for the VCF is very strange on the Harmonic Synthesizer. It has a knob to select "Sweep Up", Sweep Down" and another knob for time.]

Albums which use RMI Harmonic Synthesizer :
   • Oxygene
       > Oxygene Part 4
> Oxygene Part 5

   • Equinoxe

   • Rendez-vous
       > Troisième Rendez-vous / Third Rendez-vous

   • Oxygene 7-13
       > Oxygene 11

Goodies :
(1974) Boogie Bass from RMI LP Demo (chords are played with Keyboard Computer)
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