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EMS Synthi VCS3
EMS Synthi VCS3
Picture taken from here
Product : Synthi VCS3
Manufacturer : EMS
Release date : 1969
Country : England

Comments :
The VCS3, also called 'Putney' in USA, is THE dream synth, the fx machine.
It is the very first Jarre synthesizer, we hear it on most pre-oxygene production. Jarre rarely miss to use it on a track, he used also the AKS model, a version more reliable, more compact with a light keyboard and a sequencer.

Albums which use EMS Synthi VCS3 :
   • Oxygene
       > Oxygene Part 1

   • Equinoxe

   • Magnetic fields

   • The concerts in China

   • Oxygene 7-13
       > Oxygene 12

Goodies :
FX demo (taken from http://www.oldschool-sound.com)
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